C.K MightyRod PRO Cable Rods 10m Standard Set T5421

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The Popular Choice – A wide range of rods and accessories for both domestic and commercial installations, this kit is set to become the best seller

  • 10 meters of 100% splinter-proof rods
  • 4 rod flexibilities for overhead, under floor, tight angled and obstructed runs
  • 7 time saving accessories for pulling, pushing and hooking
  • Super flexible, low friction, Spira-FLEX rod for tight angled access points
  • Super tough ‘MIGHTY-FIX’ zinc plated steel connectors - tensile strength in excess of 275kg

Kit contents:

  • 2 x 1m MightyRods PRO 7mmØ Rods (Rigid)
  • 7 x 1m MightyRods PRO 6mmØ Rods (Flexible)
  • 1 x 1m MightyRods PRO 4mmØ Spira-FLEX Rod (Super-Flexible)
  • Flexi Lead (Mini-Flex)
  • Ring
  • Hook
  • Gender Changer
  • Flat Bullet
  • Domed Bullet
  • In-line Swivel


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