C.K SDS Concrete Drill Bit & Chisel Set of 15pcs T3133

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Professional quality tungsten carbide tipped drill bits with optimized geometry for drilling concrete and stone, and hardened carbon steel chisels. SDS Plus shank.

Supplied in a heavy duty polyester tool roll, they offer a long term, resilient storage solution.


SDS Drill Bits x 12:
5x110mm, 5.5x110mm, 6x110mm,
5x160mm, 5.5x160mm, 6x160mm,
6.5x160mm, 7x160mm, 8x160mm,
10x160mm, 12x160mm, 6x210mm

Chisels x 3:
Point chisel 250mm
Flat chisel 20x250mm
Scaling chisel 40x250mm

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